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Kwik Lok offers a full range of bag closing machines and systems, automatic and semiautomatic. Our line includes bag closing machines, printers, bag tensioners, stands and conveyors.  High fabrication standards insure exceptionally long operating life. Sealed ball bearings are used exclusively. Hardened precision-ground shafts are used in the closing roll and clutch assemblies. Look to Kwik Lok for advanced engineering, design quality and fabrication quality that will return high yields on your investment capital.

Our catalog has detailed information and specifications on equipment for every industry.

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Dependability Built on Mechanical Simplicity

The Kwik Lok bag closure is uniquely simple, requiring a bag closing machine with few moving parts and simple mechanical motions. The basic mechanical functions of our automatic bag closer are illustrated below – these motions are the key to understanding why Kwik Lok is simply a better bag closure.

(1) The closure is fed downward into the closing position.

(2) The closing rolls feed the bag material into the closure.

(3) The closure is separated from the strip, releasing the package.
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