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          Kwik Lok in the Supermarket Industry


To Close or not to Close

The plastic bag is a good tool for produce management, but has an inherent problem for the shopper. The plastic bag cannot be closed by itself.


An unclosed bag can spill its contents into the shopping cart, onto the floor or cashier’s counter. An unclosed bag cannot hold as much produce, reducing your sale or requiring the use of two bags (increasing your bag cost). An unclosed bag does not provide your customers with a usable container for storing produce in the home.


An unclosed bag is an inconvenience to your customers and can cost you money.




Kwik Lok vs. Wire Tie

There are two commonly used closures: Kwik Lok and wire ties. Kwik Lok is the only bag closing system designed specifically for supermarket produce applications. Kwik Lok is convenient, attractive and economical.


Convenient to Use
The Kwik Lok closures are furnished on rods containing 250 closures. The time involved in servicing the dispenser is nil...just remove
the empty rod... and replace with a new loaded rod... a matter of seconds!


Positive Control
Kwik Lok provides a method of positive control: the closures are mounted on rods in an attractive dispenser, permitting the shopper to easily remove the closure. Wire presents the problem of spilage. It is difficult to remove just one wire tie without spilling other wires into the produce display.

Saves Money
Spilled wire ties can cost you money, since most are not replaced for use and/or result in additional clean-up labor cost. Spilling wire ties can also be embarrassing for your customers.

Safe and Attractive
Kwik Lok is a safe and attractive closing method that complements a supermarket’s modern image. Wire ties expose the shopper to sharp wire ends, and spilled wire does not project a desirable image.


Project a Modern Image
The modern supermarket was founded on variety and convenience. Wide aisles, electric doors, modern shopping carts, expensive displays, graphics, adequate lighting, and express lines are just a few of the conveniences a supermarket has to offer.

Kwik Lok in your produce section is just another way to make shopping in your store a pleasant experience for your customers.



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