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          Kwik Lok in the Supermarket Industry

Kwik Lok in the Modern Supermarket: The advent of the modern supermarket has been one of the prime forces in raising the standard of living in the developed world. Selection, quality, convenience and price make the supermarket experience a true modern wonder. Kwik Lok bag closures add a touch of convenience befitting today’s contemporary stores.
Bakery/Deli: Food packaging is all about storing food at home and protecting the product’s freshness. The Kwik Lok closure is easy to remove and replace; that means the handy ‘clip’ will be used and reused to reclose bagged products until the food is consumed. That protects freshness – it is what Kwik Lok does best. We know you need a good bag closure and the means to close the bags. Kwik Lok offers a full line of semiautomatic bag closing equipment and print systems to mark price/date coding on your package. As a bonus we can also label your packages with a colorful label attached to the closure.

Produce: Today’s modern supermarket offers a dazzling array of delicious produce. The plastic bag has proven to be the best method of getting that produce from the store to the consumer’s kitchen. A closed bag prevents spillage (in the shopping cart and in the refrigerator) – the best way to close those bags is with a Kwik Lok! Snap off! Snap on! You can literally open or close a bag with a Kwik Lok with your eyes shut!

Bulk Food: Kwik Lok has two advantages in the bulk food section. Our closures give the consumer the means to close the bags … AND … the means to mark item numbers on a paper label attached to the closure. Everyone is a winner with Kwik Lok in the supermarket!


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