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September 15th - 20th, 2018
München Germany
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cThe Kwik Lok Bag Closure is designed to be reused and RECYCLED. The closure has earned a recyclable symbol of 6, making Kwik Lok a truly recyclable closure. Other closures, such as wire surrounded by paper or plastic, or polyvinyl and polypropylene tape with paper between the two ends, cannot be recycled. Wire and tape are typically thrown into the
garbage each and every time, seldom if ever reused. Kwik Lok’s  handy all-plastic closure is frequently reused and kept stored in kitchen drawers for closing other bags and a myriad of other uses.

During our extruding process, no processed water is used or expelled into our city’s sewer system. Kwik Lok cools its extruders within a closed loop cooling system. Our new enhanced filtration system prohibits nearly all particulates from being expelled into the air. Kwik Lok is actively seeking to reduce our electrical demands by inventing and installing new, efficient closure manufacturing machinery.

No hardeners or additives are added to our plastic. Newly developed additives such as PLA (Polyactide Acid), Polystarch or others are not used. Such additives, while claiming to make plastic degradable present a couple of problems: 

(1) Recycling of products made with additives is problematic. The Biodegradable Institute concurs, “The recycling of plastic products made with these types of additives is poor, and the plastic products have to end up in the landfill … they cannot be recycled in their original form.” (2) The use of additives creates methane gas which is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide emissions! Every landfill has a different content, be it wet or dry, compost, or general waste, mixed with or without moisture or oxygen. Thus the process of degrading is highly dependent upon each landfill’s composition.

Should a Kwik Lok closure be tossed into the garbage, its degradation process began the moment the closure plastic left the extruder since no inhibitors or additives were added to the Kwik Lok. When you compare the choices, Kwik Lok, wire or tape … Kwik Lok is the logical answer to your bag closing requirements.